Fake Shopping Websites and Formjacking

21 December 2021

Thousands of fake websites offer "great deals" on well-known brands. These websites typically have URLs similar to the brands they try to mimic, such as "Amaz0n.net."

If you buy something from one of these websites, chances are you'll receive a counterfeit item in the mail—or nothing at all.

Formjacking is another retail scam. This happens when a legitimate retail website is hacked, and shoppers get redirected to a fraudulent payment page, where the scammer steals your personal and credit card information. To avoid this scam, double-check that the URL on the payment page is the same as the website where you were shopping. Cybercriminals may change the URL very slightly—maybe by adding or omitting a single letter. Be sure to take a close look at the URL before you enter your payment details.

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