Fake Antivirus Software (aka 'Scareware')

22 December 2021

Fake antivirus software ads and pop-ups try to make you believe your computer is infected with a virus (or dozens of them)—and that you can fix the problem by downloading their software. These scammers get you two ways:

  • They gain access to your credit card information.
  • They gain access to your computer. When you click the download link, you get a virus, malware, or ransomware instead of antivirus software. According to Norton, "The scammers can use this malware to access your files, send out fake emails in your name, or track your online activity."

Always be wary of ads and pop-ups that prompt you to take immediate action or ones that are hard to close. Be sure to install, update, and use real antivirus software to reduce the risk of scareware.

Source: shorturl.at/jsyCL

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