Matthias Kloska the director of Aurora Holding GmbH!

22 December 2021

Matthias B. Kloska is preying on victims to blackmail for his own financial benefits! He made this with his ex-partner from some kind of water company in Angola which lost his money from his scams.

Matthias Kloska as is famous for blackmailing people with his fake news and calling people from WhatsApp with false ID photos trying to blackmail with is ridiculous statements.

The problem is delusional and mentally ill, apparently is traumatized from his father’s abuse. Matthias B. Kloska is manipulating and blackmailing people via cyberbullying, scamming even involving minors! Obviously, he has nothing better to do with his miserable life than to place his negative energy on people.

His negative energy reflects his outcome (divorced, homeless, and broke with no friends at the age of 62).

When you read his comments on social media about people then he must be really mentally disturbed. I feel sorry for him. He can only help himself by changing his negative energy to a positive one. I wish him the best of luck. 

 Let me tell you a little more about this mentally disturbed and very unstable character. From 2012 to 2014 Matthias B. Kloska was involved with tax fraud laundry money from Luanda Angola Africa via Deutsche Bank Sotogrande, Spain.

The German tax office has been notified about his suspicious transactions involving Deutsche Bank in Lugar Sotogrande, 7 0, 11310 Sotogrande, Cádiz, Spain which can be verified by Deutsche Bank (phone number +34 956 79 00 40).

When Matthias B. Kloska lost all his money in Portugal and Spain he fled to Germany to apply for the “Hartz IV” a social housing supporting the homeless for German citizens.

To know more you can consult this link

Matthias B. Kloska divorced Marcela Kloska apparently still living in Lagoa, Portugal. Matthias Kloska forced his children Ricky and Taisha to flee with him to Germany. He is famous for cyberbullying, scamming, blackmailing, and spreading fake news.

The police and tax office have been notified about his tax evasion and blackmailing scams, hopefully putting an end to this.


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